About Us

Netlogix is an information and knowledge based New Zealand logistics solutions provider. We collaborate with freight owners and freight carriers, targeting inherent structural inefficiencies in the freight transport market to bring sustainable freight efficiencies owners and carriers cannot bring by acting on their own.

The Netlogix business officially launched to the market in March 2013 with the operational go-live for management of the national domestic freight network of our foundation customer, Carter Holt Harvey. 

We continue to build on this offer, providing for freight owners single point of accountability, one-stop-shop, customised value-add solutions to their logistics management needs.

For freight carriers and other industry stakeholders we bring complementary solutions built on a collaborative approach to address transport market inefficiencies.

We are founded on the principles of transparency and collaboration, seeking to align the objectives of freight owners, freight carriers and other industry stakeholders, together with a strong commitment to continuous innovation.

We approach logistics industry challenges within a holistic, end-to-end supply chain framework, creating simplified solutions to what are often complex issues for freight owners and freight carriers.

We passionately believe that ‘there is a better way’ and have assembled an exceptional team to bring a new approach to the logistics sector.

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